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Lifelong quality underwear for the whole family

With 70 years of experience, we seek a constant evolution in order to improve, innovate and offer the best underwear without losing our essence. Since 1952 we design and manufacture garments for the whole family in Spain. We take care of the process to achieve great quality; we create products built to last.

Our philosophy

We want to belong to every stage of a person’s life, as well as being there from generation to generation. This is why we offer underwear for the whole family, from childhood and maternity to adulthood. We like exploring new things and taking care what works. Relationships define our lifes and they are the most important thing.


We seek excellence in every detail and we take care of every process to offer garments that meet expectations of a demanding customer. We manufacture high-quality fabrics, suitable for people with sensitive skin. We believe in conscious choices.


We innovate to obtain different results and to adapt to the reality as well as we can. We look for value out of everything. The balance between the technique and creativity. And most importantly, being loyal to our values.


We want to live in a better place. We are living a unique moment and this is the reason why we comit to make our contribution too. We believe in a way more ethical and sustainable world for everyone. From responsability and commitment, without discriminations.

Our mission

Vilaseca S.A. offers specialization, experience and quality in the underwear industry with the brands AVET and SET, for women and men and all ages. This is possible thanks to constant innovation in the wide range of products, the development of the involved people and suppliers and customers. Furthermore, long-term and sustainable relationships are being encouraged since the foundation of the company, always seeking proximity between them.

Culture and values


  • Stability
  • Sustainability
  • Respect

Family values

  • Equal opportunities
  • Personal development
  • Participation


  • With the clients
  • With providers and partners
  • With the community


  • Specialization
  • Innovation
  • Quality and fair price


  • Work and family

    Jaume Vilaseca Bertranpetit, with the support of his parents Pere Vilaseca and Maria Bertranpetit, started his industrial activity manufacturing knitted underwear goods in a studio in Mataró.

    His only assets were two circular weaving machines, with the limitation of having to work always with the same width.

    With the complicity and comprehension of her wife Roser Canaleta Diviu, Jaume shared work and family.

  • Capmany Street

    The company evolved and grew. Underwear garments for men were added to the basic products for women.

    The number of machines expanded, including new ways of knitting. A factory was built in 1964 in Capmany street, where now the offices can be found. In 1967, Roser Canaleta started leading the design processes to offer a more competitive and diverse assortment.

  • International brand

    The first exports were made through a distributor in France. And the attendance in international events and fairs boosted the growth in several markets, basically in Europe.

    AVET released the first seamless briefs made of cotton and Lycra after years of technical and creative innovation. This event had a positive effect on the sales due to its uniqueness on the market at that time.

  • The way forward

    Jaume Vilaseca Bertranpetit died. Luckily, he showed a clear path to follow, with a spirit of cooperative work and caring about interpersonal skills.

    His son Esteve and his daughter Susi keep on with the activity after a crucial training on different company areas.

    In 1998, after continuous improvement in all the processes, the ISO 9001 from AENOR certificate was obtained.

  • 50th Anniversary

    During the first 50 years, the company grew and consolidated in the textile industry. The new section of fabrics with high-tech machines was inaugurated to be able to keep all the processes in Spain in a moment where relocation seemed the easiest decision.

    The system for producing garments without seams is incorporated: seamless technology.

  • Sustainability

    An installation of solar panels was made on our production plant, to reduce emissions and contribute to the path towards sustainability on our planet.


AVET and SET belong to the women lingerie and men underwear brands respectively. Every year, two collections are designed and manufactured: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Moreover, there is always an offer of timeless basics that are served faster.

The fibers we use to manufacture the fabrics are high-quality ones. The fabrics are manufactured inhouse and those that better define our collections are 100% cotton, seamless cotton-Lycra, Microfiber- Lycra and Tencel.

Collections Avet-Set
Collections Avet-Set
Collections Avet-Set
Collections Avet-Set


We manufacture our fabrics

In our facilities in Mataró we manufacture our fabric with high-quality fabrics and high-tech machines.

Proximity sewing

We work with national sewing factories ready to sew our garments meeting the level of quality expectations.

Constant deliveries

Our warehouse is managed to deliver anywhere, optimizing efficiency to send the garments as soon as possible.


If you want to sell our products, know which is your closest shop or if you have any doubts, fill in the form to contact us.

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